SACHS on the Eurobike 2019

E-mobility continues to be at the heart of interest for bicycle manufacturers and product managers, as Eurobike 2019 demonstrated in Friedrichshafen. ZF SACHS Micro Mobility GmbH was optimally represented in Hall 1 of the Exhibition Center, where the focus was on innovations in the e-sector and on the topic of cargo and transport. The tradeshow was the perfect environment for the motor range of the SACHS joint venture In addition to the RS and GT motor families, the discussions with the manufacturers also focused on SACHS ABS.

The SACHS slogan “Power Play” was strongly implemented at Eurobike, the world’s largest bicycle fair in Friedrichshafen. Especially after test drives around the trade fair, potential customers were impressed by the performance of the SACHS RS and SACHS GT series. The need for information on the motors and product range and the associated range of services, as well as numerous questions about the SACHS brand and the company ZF SACHS MICRO MOBILITY confirmed the company’s strong presence. Visitors from around the globe showed great interest: in addition to customers from Germany, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Benelux, Israel and Scandinavia, the SACHS employees held numerous discussions with representatives from Australia and the USA.

The motors of the Comfort and Performance series were put through their paces in the SACHS Test Center. In different bicycles, performance, power and riding experience were particularly convincing and underpinned the company’s high-quality standards.

The Comfort Series features the compact GT motor. The Comfort Series features the compact GT motor. The variant GT 525 is designed for the urban area, the bikes driving behavior is smooth, pleasant and designed for inexperienced riders.

The new Sachs GT could already be tested on the test site

In the Performance Series, 4 motor variants cover the portfolio, which are optically based on the RS motor. The motors of the RS 825 and 845 series are the SACHS-King class in the touring area, offered for pedelecs up to 25km/h and as a S-Pedelec variant for 45 km/h. Here, the GT engine’s approach is driven further towards performance. Here, the GT motor’s approach is driven further towards performance with more power for demanding routes, longer tours, higher load due to luggage or driver weight, which are combined with high torque at low cadence. The target group is fully equipped “SUV/ATB” bikes, i.e. a mixture of MTB and trekking bikes, with which the rider can also leave a paved path, without having to do without comfort equipment and full performance.

The flagship model in the sporty group is the SACHS RS 925. The classic MTB motor with exceptionally strong performance data brings every driver up the mountain faster than any other drive featured in this segment. The classic MTB motor is perfect for anyone who travels off-road and wants to have fun during long and hard ascents.

The cargo variant SACHS CT 725 was very popular as well. The drive system, which has a special response, heat management and speed range, is designed for the use in cargo and special bikes.

Numerous media representatives were also pleasantly surprised by the characteristics of the SACHS portfolio, both at the trade fair stand and at the test site. Many media representatives also praised the balanced product range and the fact that the SACHS motors are manufactured in Europe.