Get your e-bike experience on your smartphone with the Sachs Ride App! Let your history, navigation and dashboard drive your motivation and inspire you to achieve even more.


  • Geographic range-spider – see at a glance how far each charge takes you.
  • Route suggestions according to your riding profile (City, Race, MTB)
  • Draw your Route: Use your finger to draw a rough outline of where you would like to ride, and have the app find the optimal route along suitable paths.
  • Clear presentation of route elevation profiles and turn-by-turn navigation

Dashboard: All important information at a glance

  • View the most important values in the dashboard
  • Configure your personal info screen in the trip tools with values of your choice (e.g. average speed, altitude, cadence, motor and driver power, etc.)


  • The archive of your trips: Recorded and imported routes including statistics

Personalized Settings

  • Store your personal data to improve the calculation of range and calories consumed
  • Store your e-bike data to plan appropriate routes and optimize the range calculation

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Turn-by-turn Navigation

Range Spider

See at a glance how far your charge will take you


All important information at a glance


All important information about your trip


Customize your display

Personalize your personal settings

And those of your e-bike