High performance and range, even at low cadence

SACHS RS delivers high performance over a long range, even at low cadence. This
unparalleled performance is delivered at a consistently high level; whether the user is on steep and challenging mountain climbs, or on their daily commute through the city with two children in the trailer. Our four different power-modes provide flexibility to find the support you need. Smart software programming delivers power in a controlled and harmonious manner to the rider. SACHS RS is available as both a Pedelec and S-Pedelec version.

With 112 Newton meters, the SACHS RS sets new standards in terms of performance and ease of use to cyclists, matching their individual riding skills. Since very few e-bike riders can always maintain a high cadence, SACHS RS delivers high torque at 40-60 rpm. This especially benefits riders on the trail and cargo-bikes in the city “stop-and-go” mode. The Sachs RS performance range boosts the rider’s skills on expert trails. Professional riders benefit from significantly higher uphill speeds at longer intervals. The new motor management allows for a much greater range, even in the highest driving mode and a controlled power delivery that supports you effortlessly while pedaling. Always drive with power and enjoy every challenge: SACHS RS.

55 Nm permanent, max. 112 Nm/180 sec.; Cadence 40 rpm:: 55N m, 60-90 rpm: 112 Nm

25 km/h or 45 km/h

Cadence, Force, Speed

Single or double chainwheel possible, bolt circle; (4 point, 104mm); Belt drive possible, 30 theeth min. 50 teeth max. – 50 teeth max.
Chainwheel size: 30 theeth min. – 50 teeth max.

ISIS® Drive

Q-factor: 178mm (ISIS® – axle width 135 mm)

ISCG05 System Preparation.
Chain line: 52,00 mm (Boost-Standard)

3,5 kg / 2 x 3 M6 screws / black
Support levels: 4

Open system – the OEM decides based on type and use-case of the bicycle which battery type to use. We offer standardized platform systems or customer-specific individual solutions.

Open system – the OEM decides based on type and use-case of the bicycle which display to use.

Urban / Cargo / MTB

Bluetooth module

Service tool for manufacturer and dealers