Visiting Nox Cycles

To find out more about Nox Cycles, we visited our colleagues in Zillertal and talked about their philosophy, the Sachs RS and the future of the e-bike market. You can read here what came of it, and how these points are reflected in their Next Generation 3.0:

Hello Michi, hello Karo, tell me a little bit about you as a company:

The NOX Cycles brand was launched in Berlin in 2004 out of the passion and ambition to produce absolutely competitive gravity bikes equipped with only the best components and assemblies. Since then, NOX Cycles has established itself primarily in the enduro and downhill sectors and has made a very good name as a small but fine bike manufacturer.

In 2015, with the enormous success of our first Nox Hybrid E-MTB, we decided to transfer all of our know-how from the high-performance gravity area to the development of e-mountain bikes and no longer to use non-motorized bikes to produce. That was an important step for Nox that we haven’t regretted so far. With the full focus on e-mountain bikes and the simultaneous move into the middle of the mountains, we have made a clear statement that each of our customers can feel immediately when they sit on a Nox e-bike.

Why did you choose the Sachs RS as the engine?

We were still missing a drive in the maximum power segment. There are actually only two systems here and we opted for the Sachs RS due to its weight, design and key figures. All of our customers and dealers are enthusiastic about the drive. We are therefore ideally equipped for the next few years in the eMTB business.

How does Nox Cycles see the future of the eMTB market?

We rate the further development of the eMTB sector very positively, because the urge of people for healthy and balanced exercise while having fun and enjoying nature will continue. E-mountain bikes are extremely versatile means of transport and at the same time sports equipment with which not only young but also older people, whether alone or in a group, have a lot of fun and great experiences.

At the same time, it is impressive what pace the bicycle industry is setting in terms of innovations and new technologies in the wake of micro mobility. Staying on the pulse of the times is essential for us as an eMTB specialist – whereby we always reflect on which technologies make sense at which point in time in order to offer customers added value that makes sense – because often less is more. We always focus on a pure e-bike experience – and reliability is what counts here.

What are your corporate goals for the future?

Nox Cycles has seen tremendous growth over the past four years, which we naturally want to maintain. This includes the expansion of our dealer network in German-speaking countries as well as expansion into other EU countries and the USA. With the construction of our new company building “Fort NOX” at the entrance to the Zillertal, we have laid the foundation stone for this. The spatial and logistical but also human resources for our strong growth are given here. In addition, we are constantly developing our product range and working closely with drive manufacturers like you to help shape the e-bike market innovatively.

Thank you for your time and the insights into your company. We at ZF Micro Mobility look forward to working with you in the future! 76 / 5000 √úbersetzungsergebnisse If you want to find out more about the NOX NEXT GENERATION 3.0, click here: