Successful first test

87 dealers test SACHS RS Bikes at the ZEG Test Days on Mallorca In extreme conditions, lots of rain, mud and challenging terrain, 87 selected ZEG dealers had the opportunity to test the new Sachs RS engine for the first time.

The testers found demanding trails in south-west Mallorca at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range. While usually known for pleasant temperatures in October, this time rainstorms turned the trails into severe mud-tracks. The Bulls engineering team and Bulls team rider were also present in addition to the dealers, to test the new models in practice.

“If you have ridden the SACHS RS and go back to a bike with a current motor, you think it is broken.”Bulls Team rider


The Sachs Micro Mobility team was on site with Jörg Schmidt to meet dealers, provide information and join the rides. “The highlight for us was to witness our concept of full power at low rpm convincing both inexperienced bikers as well as professionals. The first impression was a good one” Schmidt says.