Sachs RS software update

We listened to your feedback and gave our Sachs RS a software update. The various support levels have been adjusted so that the motor provides more support even at low cadence. This means that more torque is released even at a lower cadence.
This allows the driver a smoother, more harmonious and better controllable driving experience. In addition, the adapted power transmission enables easier hill starts. Nevertheless, the power of the Sachs RS, with its 112NM and 700 watts, is just as strong as before. As usual, it reacts to the driver’s force on the pedal and provides even more support, regardless of the cadence.
Authorized dealers can also individually adjust the support levels and thus give the driver a personal driving experience, adapted to his personal use case.
In addition to adapting the motor, we have also activated the “remaining range” feature on the display. This feature enables the driver to get a guideline value from his last driven routes, how many kilometers can still be driven with the battery charge. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Your ZF Micro Mobility Team