First test event at Lake Garda

The SACHS RS motor for e-bikes from SACHS MICRO MOBILITY completed a more than successful baptism of fire at its practical presentation on Lake Garda.

During the festival in Riva, SACHS MICRO MOBILITY gave journalists, company representatives and cooperation partners the opportunity to test the SACHS RS off-road with several NOX E-Mountain bikes built as prototypes. Right in advance: The trade press was enthusiastic about the power of the motor as well as the low noise.

The testers of the various magazines and manufacturers experienced the advantages of the SACHS RS during laps through the olive groves around Arco and on sometimes extremely steep and rough driveways on the Monte Velo and the Monte Baone: High torque already at low cadence, strong power on the mountain and performance without derating due to the special design of the SACHS RS.

“The test round through the olive mountains of Arco leads initially up a steep hill, an Ideal terrain to lure the motor out of the reserve. For the test drives, the RS was installed in a Nox Hybrid All-mountain prototype.. The motor pushes the rider effortlessly up the steep ramp. What immediately stands out is the noise: depending on the cadence, it is practically imperceptible. It is quieter than the Shimano E8000 or Yamaha PW-X and more powerful than with the “old acquaintances.”

Bikesport e-mtb
The SACHS RS motor in detail

“The power of the SACHS RS is enormous. We turn from the asphalt road onto a steep rocky trail. At the highest level of support, the motor pushes so hard that we feel like we are flying up the mountain. In terms of maximum power, the newcomer dwarfs the competition for Bosch, Shimano and Brose, so our first impression,” states E-MTB. He continued: “The approach to the mountain works very well. The motor doesn’t start as jaggedly as a Yamaha PW-X, but it reaches fast enough to get into trouble even in steep places. In relation to the strong maximum power, we found the noise-level to be low.”

Another advantage of the system developed by SACHS MICRO MOBILITY: the selection of different display and control units also by external companies such as bike computer and GPS expert Sigma. a. The SACHS RS was presented at the Lago with the SI 651 Wh battery from SACHS, which is inserted into the lower tube from below and locked in the NOX mountain bikes. Battery designs with the installation of the battery from the side or from above are also possible.

Thanks to the support of the engine of up to 110 newton meters, even the steepest ascents can be mastered

With the presentation of the SACHS RS in Italy, the powerful electric motor has more than passed its first test in the “wilderness”. This is also what e-bike MTB says: “Powerful, serene and compact – with the SACHS RS, an exciting new player enters the motor market. In our test, the drive impresses with its enormous power even at low cadence. This makes it an exciting candidate for bikes with particularly high performance. On top of that, SACHS MICRO MOBILITY gives manufacturers the opportunity to integrate the drive individually into the respective vehicle concept.

Technical data of the SACHS RS:

  • 48 Volt-System
  • 700 watts
  • 110 Nm Torque
  • Q-factor 178 mm
  • 135mm ISIS drive shaft
  • Single and double chain ring and belt drive possible
  • Weight: 3500 grams
  • IP 56
  • EN 15194:2017 – Safety BUS, Performance Level C
The drive was installed in NOX-Hybrid Allmountain prototypes and could thus be extensively tested in the off-road