E-bike ABS – Don’t fear the rollover anymore!

The next logical step – more safety for E-Bike riders. E-bikes are already seen as an environmentally friendly and practical alternative to a car – for leisure activities, commuting or travelling. The “good ol’ bike” became a multi-purpose vehicle. Wherever utilization rises, the risk does so as well. ZF Micro Mobility can minimize this risk for everyone – because we develop smart solutions.

The E-bike sector is booming and bringing many people back who have previously stopped. An additional risk factor is that they have less experience with the heavier E-bikes. In order to stop safely on wet and slippery surfaces, our ABS System provides additional safety just like it does for cars and motor-bikes. SACHS ABS was especially developed based on requirements of E-bike riders.

The SACHS ABS-system can operate simultaneously for both wheels. By analyzing multiple sensor-inputs, the ABS-algorithm detects if a wheel is about to block, indicating danger of slipping or flying across the handlebar.
If a blocking event is about to occur, the ABS-actuator instantly disconnects the hydraulic connection between braking lever and braking pads. The system regulates the braking pressure in split-seconds. The actuator is so fast that it can preempt the risk of a blocking wheel before a complete standstill occurs.
This system also increases bike-safety when braking along curves. SACHS ABS works on all kinds of paths and with changing surfaces (tarmac – gravel – tarmac).

  • Safe use of the front brake in all situations, especially for inexperienced drivers. Rollover protection in case of full or panic braking.
  • Shorter and safer braking distance.
  • Prevents the wheels from slipping away when braking
  • Suitable for pedelecs and speed-pedelecs up to 45 km/h
  • For front and back wheel
  • Optimized for sleek design and small footprint
  • Minimal installation space for clean e-bikes: Both ABS modules can be integrated into the frame thanks to their cylindrical and compact design (<300g per actuator)

SACHS ABS works on all kinds of paths and with changing surfaces (tarmac – gravel – tarmac) and offers a safe braking experience to novice riders. Don’t fear the rollover anymore and reduce braking distance drastically.

Works with pedelecs and speed-pedelecs up to 45km/h